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I have been delaying this blog post. It signals an end. A reflective punctuation mark on a year-long walk. Moments, pulled from a total experience made significant in their reflection. I have explored fifty-three ways to wander, but haven’t exhausted them yet.

Ways to Reflect 12 Squares
Ways to Reflect by Blake Morris

A year made meaningful by the generosity of others: their ideas, footsteps and digital imprints. Walking together and apart. Walks with old friends. New friends created through walking.  A constant exchange through a variety of media–podcasts and zines, video footage and WhatsApp messages, postcards and paintings–organised around the central medium of walking.

James Layton - Ways to Reflect
Ways to Reflect by James Layton
Debbie Kent Ways to Reflect
Ways to Reflect by Debbie Kent
L Bell 12 squares
Ways to Reflect by Lian Bell

And now what? A movement from city to town. A new territory to explore, both topographical and sociological (and edible, as Waverly might point out). And hopefully more opportunities to walk together, in Northampton, London, or at a distance from anywhere in the world. Walkers of the world unite!

IMG_2271 (1).jpg
Ways to Reflect (on climate change) by Blake Morris

Claire Hind

Lian Bell
Debbie Kent
James Layton
Brett Van Aalsburg

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