The Thames
On New Year’s Eve I walked the Thames.
London Bridge New Year's Eve Crossers
I had no choice, I had run out of time.
Shard Looming
There are no tidal waters in Northampton.

Three hours before low tide…

(Low Tide)

Thames Low Tide.JPG

Three hours before high tide.

This last year could easily have been a slog. A long haul of walking lonely as a cloud. Instead it was a ‘simultaneity of stories-so-far’. A year of walking with friends and family, strangers, colleagues, artists and collaborators. Old-friends at a distance when we could not walk together; people I’ve never met, but who feel like friends; new friends in London, whose presence in my life has made this foreign island feel like home; artists, by following their wander scores, even if they don’t know it. So to all of you who have walked with me, written the scores I’ve followed, edited, published or distributed the book that made it all possible, thank you. I walk in your footsteps as we build a network of walkers together.

London New Years Eve Fireworks.JPG

Christopher Mollon

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