Last week a worldwide Chip Walk. Canada, England and Greece, all walking together.

Radical Stroud embarked on a poetic chip shop hop. They walked on the 199th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, their chips wrapped in Oliver Lomax’s poem commemorating the tragedy.

Radical Stroud performed Lomax’s poem on the street. Photo: Deborah Roberts

In Bethnal Green rapid gentrification made chippies almost impossible to find. As the Stroud poets put it: ‘Such a loud and visible working class merriment/That fuelled middle class condescension’.

A traditional chippy thriving amidst gentrification. Photo: Blake Morris

In Dartmouth Barbara Lounder and her partner Bob donned brollies and popped into cafes to escape from the rain. Along the way they encountered an anti-racist, pro immigration rally–a bright light in dark times.

A sign in Dartmouth from an all too necessary rally. Photo: Barbara Lounder

On Lesvos Hilary Ramsden organised a walk in solidarity with refugees. Sixty-two walkers marked the miles Moria Camp refugees must travel for a free, well cooked, nutritious meal. Walking together is convivial. Except when it isn’t. A wander is not a slog. Except when it is.

Chip Walk Advert
Chip Walk! Advert in Greece created by Hilary Ramsden (Photo: Cookie Arnone)

If you’d like to support Home for All in their mission to bring warm, nutritious food to those without easy access, please share their page, spread the word, and, if you can, send some funding their way. 

You can donate directly via the Home for All bank account: GR4301107620000076200228708. Bic ETHNGRAA

Photo: Cookie Arnone


Rebekah Dean
Home 4 All
Barbara Lounder
Radical Stroud
Hilary Ramsden
Deborah Roberts
Kal Sabir
Jon Seagrave
Robin Treefellow

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