Rocks were gathered and royally mailed–circulated between myself in London, Jess in Aberystwyth and Julius in East Sussex. Walking is slow. The post slows it even further. They call it snail mail for a reason.

‘Long Shore Drift’ drifted on across an unseasonably warm June; a welcome excuse for a beach excursion (if the littered shore of the Thames can reasonably be called a beach…). What started as walk 23 ended as walk 25.

‘Long Shore Drift’ continues to drift. Beachside at the Thames, while placing Jess and Julius’ rocks, baby Astrid picked out a stone for Barbara Lounder. Meanwhile, Lounder and her partner found the perfect rock inspired by baby Astrid. It’s a rock exchange walk exchange, and I’m keen to extend it.

If you’d like to join in the fun, go to a beach and collect two stones; send one to me and one to a friend (with the same instructions). I’ll send a rock in return for you to place on the beach. Perhaps this is the return to chain letters we’ve all been waiting for! Send me an email ( for my postal address.


Jess Allen

Richard Gott
Clare Qualmann
Scott Schwager
Julius Smitt

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