A Compilation of Other Peoples Thoughts:

Instructions. Score. Assignment.

An abandoned elementary school just out of sight on the daily commute. Playing the lava game; don’t touch the sides. You’ll BURN. Circumambulating heritage’s perimeter. Gone too far on the edge of the world. Keep your balance. A ninety minute walk along the cinder block walls (not pictured). In Clovis. Walk closer in a hurry. You have somewhere to be. One minute to curtain. Kind of weird to walk close to walls. More so a weirdo on the wider streets. We don’t really need so much space do we? Bursts of birdsong. Lawns and planter boxes. Plants and tags. A greater attention to architexture.

Walk closer. As close as you can. Without touching.

Marie-Anne Lerjen

Zoe Bladon
Erica Italiano
Dilia Stein
Brett Van Aalsburg

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