19. City CentreIMG_2053IMG_2054IMG_205519. Walkers Continued

On 12 May 2018 fifty-seven people in fifteen countries on five continents explored the centres of their landscape.1 They walked alone and in groups; on short strolls and epic walks; in rural, urban and suburban landscapes; in familiar and unfamiliar places. Some walked during the day and others at night. Some never made it out of the city, while for others it took only a few minutes, or there was no city to begin with. They took pictures, wrote poems, recorded found sounds, or simply walked the score and enjoyed the landscape. Some shared their experiences through social media (#awanderisnotaslog), created photo-maps, or wrote blog posts; others engaged through e-mail, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. They all reflected on transitions and boundaries–places where one kind of space gives way to another. Each territory expressed its own logic, dictated by the history of its development and the walkers’ history with it. By walking the same score on the same day together, we linked centres and peripheries across the world.  A world wide web of walkers connecting an analogue practice through digital means.

Istanbul Walks.JPG
Istanbul Walkabouts gets ready for an 8-hour trek.
Bill Sharpe walked the short distance between harbour and hill in Orkney.
Viv Woodstock
Viv Corringham walked out of Woodstock, NY.

If you want, you can follow some of our fellow walkers. Or better yet, see if you can arrange a walk. You don’t even need to be on the same continent.

Blogs: Bill Aitchison, Ruth Broadbent, Rhiannon EvansPatrick Ford, Radical Stroud

Instagram: @djmystabean, @una_lounder, @tim_hornsby, @barbaralounder and @onceinawiley; @istanbulwalkabouts, @mayakzm, @akgunilhan73; @carol.maurer; @kez_jez; @juliepoitrassantos; @richardw25; @patricks.ford; @assobioelalala; @thelianbell; @inspirallondon; @mog_pat, @leemingpaterson, @zerofootprints

Twitter: @IST_walkabouts, @Akgun_Su_Ilhan; @walknowlive; @Ruth_HBroadbent, @sangrownun; @vivcorringham; @InspiralLondon; @roamingdunn; @leemingpaterson

Charlie Fox and I explored London’s three centres: Farringdon, Charing Cross and Waterloo.

Tom Hall

Bill Aitchison
Jess Allen
Lian Bell
Roger Boyle
Ruth Broadbent
Viv Corringham
Linda Rae Dornan
Rhiannon Evans
Patrick S. Ford
Charlie Fox
Greg Giannis
Richard Hand
Victoria Hunter
Ienke Kastelein
Barbara Lounder
Rosie Montford
Morag Paterson
Julie Poitras Santos
Hilary Ramsden
Laís Rosa
Radical Stroud
Nazli Tümerdem
Richard White
Moira Williams

1. Two other participants walked the score on the 11 and 14 of May, for a total of fifty-nine walkers.

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