One of the joys of exchanging walks with people is learning new skills and trying out new methods. This week I walked with Julius Smit, a photographer, experimental poet and member of the Walking Artists Network. He also creates zines based on his walks.

For our exchange, we decided to take black and white photographs, compose poetry and mail each other walking zines. We are still putting together our zines, but below is a sample of pictures and poetry from our walk together.

Photo: Blake Morris
TTT - 59-1
Photo: Julius Smit
Photo: Blake Morris
TTT - 54-1
Photo: Julius Smit
Photo: Blake Morris
TTT - 48-1
Photo: Julius Smit

Julius Smit

A confluence of contours
by Julius Smit

Scuffs on the grassland, my shoes tramp
along mud grooves as way markers
gouging the ground with coded cartography –
an itinerary recounted, remarked on
passing by above the combe;
its elemental prospect a stage set
ripe for an actor’s blocking –
a rehearsal of staging points
connecting trig points in a string of prompts,
pricking out moves on the earth’s dip.
What are the sites for engagement?
Eastbourne, Jevington, Windover Hill,
Alfriston, River Cuckmere, Litlington,
Friston Forest, Friston Pond, Birling Gap,
Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head and Eastbourne.
I tread out the history of the old ways –
step over at the crossing of ditches:
earth to leaves to branches to shadows
to post to gate to hollow to hill
to foot to knee to breath, again, again.

Call Up Tracks
by Blake Morris

At first look
A new walk
A fruitful separation
The attic is empty
I took it with me on the trail
Follow the leaves
Rummage the ground
Keep your eyes up
The soil isn’t worth much
Explore, establish, displace, displaced
The air is thick
With noises for a future luxury
Earth upended and named for itself
I learn not to stare
It only increases the precarity
I first walked here to investigate
An excremental vision
Waiting for the clouds to come home
The line of planes obliterates the soundscape
No photograph, only memories


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