A Walk in Frestow

by Blake, Carleigh and Richard Morris

Kim brings a little bit of pleasure to those who wander by her home

The joy and smiles these efforts bring help lead family and friends into spring

A walk in the neighborhood is much more fun, because of what Kim has done

The Old Picture House features seventeen

New blood entering old estates

How long before I am priced out?

Respect for the flag is not submission, it is an acknowledgement that we have been granted the right through ever changing laws to protest what we think is wrong.

Celebrating great men.

We may not be perfect but we are the best there is.

No heaters here only gloves, scarves, long johns hats

FPR pisses on walls

In a corridor that leads to a cruise

Don’t be in such a rush that you miss what is around you

The beauty of the walk is to stop and recognize your environment.

We need to stop and enjoy the things around us.

Perfection in whose image?

The birds chirping. Perfection.

What colour is the sky?

A little cynicism is good for the soul

Not a good place to be lost at night

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Yellow grouse gripes

Beautiful. You’re beautiful. You are beautiful.

All is hollow in the pond’s reflection.

Pathway to McDonalds, home of the happy meal and special sauce

An homage to my granddaughter

Don’t ask if we picked up the trash

Working for a healthy America

Goose honks loudly

But not loudly enough

To drown out the cars.

We found hope in an urban environment

The babbling of water soothes the psyche

Single men lurk silently

In places some might wish to avoid

Does your milkshake bring the boys to the yard?

Welcome to all

Home is where the easy chair is.

The journey home was welcomed, a respite for an old man and a tiny bladder

Take it where you can

The sun may be setting

Whatever you do.

Bronwyn Preece


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