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I was fortunate to be joined on my walk by David Upton, who has written some reflections on his blog: A Venture into Mythogeography.

A few days after David and I completed our walk, Elia Cervera Bravo went to Gubbio Cemetery in response. She sent me a few ‘random and rambling’ thoughts:

How relevant is it who owns the idea and/or the walk? If it doesn’t “belong” to us, how does it affect the walk (in terms of experience, reflections, gallery reception…)?


In my opinion, it’s a global season of walks. It seems like ‘walking art’ is everywhere, or maybe, I have just been reading too much on the same subject.


I just finished writing an article on walking art as a critical tool, though I’m not sure I believe what I wrote. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is including it in their regular programming–with its accompanying $25 admission.


After seeing the cemetery’s flower stands I wanted to bring some home to my partner, but I thought that flowers for the dead might not like the company of the living.


How will the cemetery of the XXII century look?

Romany Reagan
David Upton
Elia Cervera Bravo

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